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The Only Essential Oil Jewelry Resource You’ll Ever Need

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Essential oils and aromatherapy are great to use at home to help keep you healthy and vibrant. Diffusing all those essential oils with their fantastic properties is one of the best things you can do for your health. What if you want to have those benefits all day long, even when you’re going shopping, running errands, or taking the kids to the park? Essential oil jewelry is the best way to do that. Sure you can take your personal inhaler or your travel diffuser, but they aren’t with you all the time.

Essential oil diffuser jewelry is becoming quite popular right now, because it is so convenient to carry the oil benefits with you all the time. This resource will give you information on the kinds of diffuser jewelry available and some suggestions on where to purchase.
amber essential oil bottles

Essential Oils In Review

Here’s a short review on essential oils and what they are. Essential oils are extracted from different herbs, plants, and trees. The extraction is done from the flowers, bark, roots, peels, buds, and resin of these botanics. My article on extraction methods explains the different ways oil is extracted. These oils possess very powerful properties that can be used in the healing of our bodies, minds and emotions. Some of these properties are antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti fungal, antibiotic, and many more. You can tell from all these properties, essential oils are very beneficial.

Essential oils work great in regular diffusers and they also work great in diffuser jewelry. There are several types of diffuser jewelry. They are necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings. Here’s a look at each type and how they work.


I believe that diffuser necklaces are the most popular of diffuser jewelry. There are several styles of necklaces to use with essential oils.


The first style is a locket, but instead of putting a picture in, you put in a felt pad with a few drops of oil on it. These lockets have hinges and magnetic closures just like regular lockets. Typically, the design on these are very attractive. They have solid stainless steel backs so skin and clothes are protected from the oil.  Look at these beautiful designs.

The pads in the locket can be reused with fresh oil or can be changed out to use different oils. These come with chains of different lengths, according to what length is desired.  There are many sizes and shapes of lockets to chose from.


Lava stone jewelry is becoming quite popular. Lava stone is actual lava that comes when volcanoes erupt. volcanic lava flowVolcano lava produces the most fertile soil on earth, making great farmlands. Because of the way the ground is affected by the lava, and the lava comes from the raw energy or fire of the volcano, lava stones symbolize fertility, creation, and rebirth. They have been known to have healing properties of groundedness and calmness. When essential oils and lava stones are combined, there is quite a combination of benefits.

There are several types of lava stone necklaces. Check out these at YourOilTools.com.  At the home page, find these under Lifestyles, Aroma Jewelry.  They come in several chain lengths and can have just one lava stone or on a chain with semi-precious stones.  Some of these come with different colored lava stones. Other necklaces are a strand of gemstones combined with 6-9 lava stones. There is such variety.  It all depends on what you like.

To use essential oils with lava stones, use 1-3 drops of oil and rub into the stone. It is important to wait a few minutes before wearing the jewelry so the oil absorbs into the stone, thus avoiding staining on clothes. The oil on lava stones evaporates faster than other types of necklaces, because body heat warms the oil as it is being worn. Oil used on other types of necklaces lasts for days, but on the lava stones it only lasts for hours, but it is more potent.


Believe it or not you can even use essential oils on leather! This makes a great necklace diffuser. There are no special lockets or compartments on these. They are very simple and easy to use. Just add a few drops of essential oil to the backside of the leather and let it absorb before wearing. There is some jewelry that has a combination of leather and locket with either lava stone or felt inserts. They come in various shapes and sizes and the leather color can differ.


These necklaces are quite unusual. They are made from clay (terracotta) and are painted, then kiln fired and processed in a way that they can be used as a diffuser. Place a drop of oil directly on the front of the pendant and let the oil absorb into the clay before being worn. There are many shapes and designs that make these unique.

Most, if not all, terracotta diffuser necklaces are designed by hand and they are one of a kind. Some are painted, some are not.


Essential oil diffuser bracelets are almost as popular as the necklaces. They work like the necklaces. The essential oil is either put on felt or leather inserts, on leather, itself, or on lava stones. Add the oil just like you do the necklaces.

lava stone bead bracelet

These are very similar to the lava stone necklaces. Some of them are a combination of lava stones and semi-precious stones, while others are all lava stones. The stones are beaded on braided rope and are adjustable. I would say these are the most common, because there are a lot of them out there. There is quite a variety of lava stone diffuser bracelets.

Why let the adults have all the fun? There are some great lava stone diffuser bracelets for kids! These have a silicone wristband with a special place to hold a lava stone. They come in various colors, such as orange, blue, and purple.  Look at these at Drops Of Joy Jewelry.


These are similar to the locket necklaces, putting the oil on the felt pads. They have a locket on them that works the same way as the necklaces. What makes these bracelets different from the necklaces are the bands that the lockets are on. Some of the bands are just a thin, stainless steel silver or gold bands, some adjustable, some are not. They do look quite elegant. There are a few locket diffuser bracelets that are chain bracelets, which are adjustable. These are really cute.  Check these out at YourOilTools.com, under Lifestyles, bracelets.

Also, some of the locket bracelets have leather wristbands. Most of them are one long strap that wraps around the wrist twice. Some of these leather locket bracelets look like a watchband, but with the locket on the band instead of the watch.


A majority of the leather bracelets are ones with the locket, but there are a few that are a little different. As with the necklace, there are leather bracelets that the essential oil is put right on the underside of the leather. One example is a triple wrap around leather bracelet, putting the essential oil directly on the leather.

There are leather bracelets with lava stones that are quite nice. They consist of a genuine leather rope band with attached lava stones and a metal clasp. There are plain leather rope bands, as well.


I was quite surprised when researching diffuser jewelry to discover there are actually diffuser earrings. That was something to discover as my favorite piece of jewelry is earrings. As in necklaces and bracelets, there are 3 basic styles. They are as follows:


These work the same way the necklaces and bracelets do. Put oil on the felt pad and put it in the locket to enjoy the benefits of the oil throughout the day. These are for pierced ears, as most of the earrings are. They are smaller in diameter than the necklace and dangle on a wire hook. Do you like cats? The locket diffuser earrings can be found with a cat design on the front, but there are also designs such as Mickey Mouse to choose from.

lava rock earrings

As with the bracelets and necklaces, the lava stone earrings seem to be the most popular, and use the oil just like the necklace. There are many styles of these earrings to choose from. A majority of these earrings come with sphere shaped lava stones, of which, most are black, but a few are in different colors. The lava stones can be placed in sphere or teardrop shaped, cage-like pendents.

Lava stone earrings also are styled with other beads and/or stainless steel or other metal pieces in different designs, such as lotus flower, rose, or tree. Most of the lava stone are dangle hook earrings for pierced ears.

There are a few lava stone stud/post earrings, but a majority of them are dangle type.


The leather earrings are mostly pierced, dangle, hook earrings. A majority of these earrings come in teardrop style. In researching, I did find some painted leather diffuser earrings in the teardrop shape. They really look quite nice.  There are other styles with leather tassels, leather strips, and circles, these are hard to find.  Most of them are 1- 2″ long.  Check these out under Lifestyles HERE.


Diffuser rings aren’t as popular as the rest of the diffuser jewelry. There really isn’t much to choose from, but there are some nice ones out there. I could only find two types, the locket diffuser ring and the lava stone diffuser ring, with the locket ring being more available.  Here’s a great place to find some.


The locket ring works the same way the other locket jewelry works.  There are several designs for the top. For instance, designs of a tree, Tinkerbell, butterfly, and ocean wave. They are made out of stainless steel, but they look very elegant.  This one has a cross design on the top and comes with 3 cotton pads to use with the essential oils.


While researching, I came across some very beautiful lava stone diffuser rings. They come in silver tone and gold tone. I’ve found many styles of lava stone rings, consisting of just 1 lava stone to several, and then some with precious stones.  Also, I found lava stone locket rings where the lava stone is put in a cage-like sphere. This one doesn’t seem very popular and doesn’t look to be very good quality.

I came across this handcrafted rose gold ring at Vitality Extract I thought was just beautiful.  Click on the picture and read about it.Lava diffuser ring

The lava stone is a black, round maybe 6-8 mm stone. This ring is made from durable long-lasting material and naturally sourced. I think this is one of my favorite, if not my favorite that I have seen.

Safety Precautions

picture of caution sign

With the use of essential oils, there are always precautions. Some of the oils are powerful and need to be used with caution. Do not overdo when putting the oils on pads, lava stone or leather. Always start with just a couple drops and let it soak in completely before wearing the jewelry, especially the lava stone and leather, anything that touches the skin directly. Some people have sensitivity to some oils, so it is wise to be cautious.

It is important when buying essential oil jewelry, to purchase only surgical grade stainless steel products. This is hypoallergenic and will not corrode or erode, especially because essential oils are highly corrosive and can ruin certain types of finishes. Gold and silver can be good, if there are no allergies toward them.

My Final Thoughts

Anyone who loves jewelry of any kind, should consider essential oil jewelry, especially considering all the health benefits essential oils have. Wearing this jewelry with the essential oils can boost energy levels and fight fatigue, relieve stress and help relaxation, help with anxiety and fight mild depression, and strengthen the immune system, to mention a few benefits.

There’s so many advantages to wearing essential oil jewelry. For example, it is good to use, in association with essential oils, as a bug repellent. It’s beautiful just to wear on its own. Essential oils can be worn off the skin. It’s just an all around smart idea. If you would like to share any comments or questions, fill out the form below. If you already use essential oil jewelry, I would love to know about it.

As always, thanks for reading!





10 thoughts on “The Only Essential Oil Jewelry Resource You’ll Ever Need

  1. I’d never heard of using lava stone as a carrier for my essential oils. I lived in Sicily and I’m quite familiar with the lava stones but…hmmph! You learn something new everyday. 🙂 I love the leather necklace that you provided a link for that actually has lava stones on it too. They are so elegant and will smell so lovely with my lavender and mint oils. Where do you like purchase your oils?

    1. Jennifer,
      The lava stone jewelry seems to be the most popular. I’m like you, I love that leather necklace & lava stones. It really is beautiful and it’s made to order so there are no two necklaces exactly the same.That’s pretty cool. I like the oils at Plant Therapy. They are a very reputable company and provide tests results of there oils so you can see the quality. I’ve been using their Germ Fighter and Immunity Blends most of the time this winter. They smell really good and they work great to fight off germs..
      Thank you so much for reading and for your comment! Let me know if you get that leather necklace!!!!

  2. I bought I locket necklace and didn’t know what to put in it. Looks like I have found a use for it. This is incredible. I didn’t know essential oils has been accessorized like this. I am definitely looking into these jewelry and buying some.

    1. Yes, it is incredible! I was amazed at how much jewelry I found that can be used with essential oils. I love earrings and rings, so I was really happy about seeing those. It’s wonderful that people have come up with that idea.

  3. Nice article!
    I always thought essential oils were fun and smelled good but I didn’t know they had such benefits and would definitely like to purchase such jewelry eventually. Thanks for the post!

    1. Ana,
      Thanks! Essential oils are natural and it’s amazing how they can help with so many conditions. The jewelry is just another way to keep the benefits going throughout the day. Let me know whenever you do purchase and how you like it.

  4. I had no idea essential oil jewelry was a thing! I actually very recently just started getting into essential oils myself and went through the process of figuring out the best way to use them for me. I was running into the problem that you mentioned that diffusers and such are not always with you. I ultimately landed on mixing mine with an unscented lotion and applying my oils topically. I figured I could make the oils more portable since the diffusers were not. Behold, a solution to that problem! Plus some of the pieces are super cute. I enjoyed this read, and I feel enlightened. Thank you for teaching me something new today!

    1. Caitlyn,
      That’s a great idea about the lotion. Have you ever tried mixing them with Shea butter? It’s a great natural substitute for lotions and it does a great job. What oils are you using? Jewelry is a great solution and I especially like the one that is cylindrical with the container and diffuser. You can refill the felt pad whenever you need to. Pretty awesome. I’m glad I could bring you this information and that you enjoyed it. Thanks!

  5. I can see why using natural medicinal oils is the preferred method, because it comes from nature as we do. This may be more in alignment with our anatomical system. I strongly agree with you when you consider the wide range of body types. Some people are particularly sensitive to foreign substances. Whereas antibiotic drugs, although they are originally derived from nature, is a relevant point you made about the chemically alteration they undergo which make them no longer be in harmony with our bodies.
    Our senses are interconnected in such a way as to promote an advantageous ‘seeing’ of the world. They work amazingly in terms of giving us information about our surroundings. Yet we forget the importance of smell. Taking it for granted makes us tune them out. So we live a less joyous life.
    Sometimes I feel stressed out from hard work or when unpleasant events in my life, so I find a nice quiet place light some natural incense sit or lay down. I then say to myself to relax, take deep slow breathes and smell the incense. This mindful type of awareness exercises fully revitalizes me.

    1. Linda,
      Thanks for your insights on using natural remedies.. I hate putting artificial substances in my body. I believe our Creator made all these natural remedies to work along with our bodies to bring healing. As a Christian, when I feel stressed, depressed or down, I use these oils to help relax and I spend time meditating and talking with my Creator. It is very calming and brings peace.
      I really appreciate your comments… Thanks for reading..

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