The Best Essential Oil Brands: My Personal Choice

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In my PREVIOUS POST I wrote about how to find a less expensive, reputable company and a few things to look for. In this post I will share with you my personal choices for the best essential oil brands. These are ones I am comfortable using and I like what they have to offer.

After considering the points that I mentioned in my previous post and other things that were important to me, I have listed the top 3 essential oil companies that meet my qualifications when choosing an essential
oil. I will tell you a little about the companies and why I like them.

1. Plant Therapy

Best Essential Oil Brands
This company started as a small family-owned business in 2011 out of Twin Falls, Idaho. Chris Jones is the founder and saw a need for high-quality essential oils at affordable prices. In 2015, the company made it on the “Inc. 500” list of Inc. Magazine as the 31st fastest growing private company in America. And, in 2015, it was the fastest growing company in Idaho. They now have over 100 employees and have become one of the fastest growing essential oil companies.

They have a staff that includes 10 aromatherapists. These aromatherapists help the customers learn how to use essential oils safely and to help them determine which oils would be best for their needs. In 2013, Robert Tisserand (a renowned essential oil expert who has written several books on the subject) became their quality and safety expert.

Plant Therapy seems to me to be a very transparent company. Their oils are sourced from sustainable and ethical distillers, suppliers, and farmers from around the world. They do extensive research on these sources before actually looking at the oil. They value the relationship with their customers so the quality of oil is a priority.


The oils are also tested organoleptically. They smell an oil from a testing strip over a 30-minute time frame to discover as many characteristics of the oil as possible. Also, the color, consistency, and appearance of each oil is tested and evaluated. This is done by Robert Tisserand and once those tests are done, the oils are sent to a third-party testing lab where each and every batch of oil is tested to find out the chemical components using GC-MS testing. If there is a question about any component, another test is run to find out if it’s synthetic or natural.

Every bottle of oil has a batch specific code that tells which batch of oil it is from. You can look up the GC/MS report on the product page under ‘test results’ of any essential oil on the website. They want their customers to know exactly what they are getting so they also include information about the plant on the product page along with the test results.


  • In April 2018, they became the first essential oil company to become an EPA Green Power Partner.
  • May 2018 they earned the cruelty-free Leaping Bunny Certification.
  • They have a giving program called Plant Kindness in which they give to various needy causes.  They have given to over 200 Organizations including; Boys and Girls Club, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Valley House Homeless Center, American Red Cross Hurricane Relief, Clean Water Project in Africa,
    Make A Wish, little league football teams, and Idaho Food Bank equaling $240,000 in donations plus volunteer time spent by employees.


  • They have a rewards program that earns you 1 point for every dollar spent. 100 points equals $5.  If you’re into essential oils, this can really add up. KidSafe is a line of essential oils developed by Robert Tisserand specifically designed for children ages 2-10, including essential oil blends. A pet line of essential oils called Pup & Pony came out in 2019. This is specifically designed for dogs and horses.
  • Plant Therapy has great shipping and return policies. Shipping is absolutely free inside the U.S. for any amount spent and it comes in 3-4 days, depending on where you’re located. They are so sure of the quality of their product and that the customer will love it that their return policy is 100% money back guarantee within 90 days of purchase and if it’s longer than that they will give you credit on your account.
  • The prices for their oils are very reasonable compared to some companies. Their organic line is more expensive than non-organic, as with anything organic, but the price is still cost effective. They back their products and are sticklers for the quality of the oil so it’s well worth it.
  • In addition to single oils, there are many blends to choose from for adults, children, and pets.  Also, you can purchase various essential oil sets at reasonable costs, along with any aromatherapy accessories needed, i.e. diffuser, jewelry, bottles, carrying cases.

The best place to purchase from Plant Therapy is THEIR WEBSITE, because of all the valuable information that they also provide.

2. Rocky Mountain Oils

A group of wellness professionals, in 2004, founded an essential oil company called Rocky Mountain Oils. Their idea was to provide pure and safe oils that were more cost effective than other companies. Rocky Mountain oils is located in Orem, Utah. Their goal is to be the leading direct to consumer oil company in the world. Quality is their greatest commitment to their customers. I could find no information on the founders, Michael and Leah Vincent, but their names. In 2015, Mr. Darold Francis became the CEO of Rocky Mountain Oils after restructuring it’s management team.

RMO (as they are known as) purchased the Native American Nutritionals company and has continued to grow. They have a commitment to bring high quality oils to their customers. Their oils are backed by their S.A.A.F.E Promise™, which stands for Satisfaction Guaranteed, Authentic, Analysis, Free of Adulterants, and Effective & Pure.


Just as Plant Therapy, RMO is a stickler for providing the best quality.  They have strict guidelines the suppliers have to follow in order for RMO to consider their oils. The GC/MS testing is done through a third-party lab before acquiring the oil from the supplier and after receiving the oil they have it tested again. They also do the organoleptic testing for smell, feel, and sight. Also, a Refractive Index test is done to measure the speed of light through the oil.  This is used also to check for adulterants.

Specific batch codes are on all bottles that can be used to look up the GC/MS reports on the website. Find the reports by going to the product page and click the batch specific button, then the batch number from the bottle can be entered. They do give detailed information about the plant the oils came from.


  • Rocky Mountain offers free shipping in the U.S., delivering in 2-7 days, depending on what part of the country being shipped to. The return policy is also, much the same as Plant Therapy, with a 90-day money back guarantee, opened or unopened products, and they pay the return shipping.
  • A rewards program is offered by RMO, as well. The ‘Oil’ty’ rewards program earns 1 point for every dollar spent. Receive a $5 coupon code for 200 points on a preferred account. Their are also extra ways to earn points.
  • They also have a Kids Line of essential oils designed especially for kids. Because of their purchase of the Nutritional company, they offer a line of natural nutritional supplements, and body care products.
  • If you are looking for blends, they have quite a few in their Mood Collection to help with various moods. They have a new line called Chakra Blends, which have several blends that help distribute energy throughout the body, for different parts of the body. They also have several essential oil kits you can choose from and, of course, essential oil accessories to go with the oils.

Comparing prices, Rocky Mountain Oils seem to be somewhat higher priced than Plant Therapy. The prices, though, are still less expensive than some of the bigger essential oil companies. With the S.A.A.F.E
Promise and their guarantee, these are still a reasonable price. You can purchase the oils on their website or on Amazon.

3. Edens Garden

In 2009, Grace Martin started crafting and selling a few essential oils and Eden’s Garden was founded. She realized back in the early 2000’s, after a trip to New Zealand, that great health benefits could come from the natural environment. She started using essential oils and that inspired her to start on this journey. This is a family owned company, run by all women, all sisters, and is located in San Clemente, CA.

The main goals for this company are quality, safety, and sustainability.  Transparency is a big value to the founder and officers of this company. They realize that transparency leads to trust. Their is also a commitment to bring the highest quality oils to their customers. By all accounts, this seems to be another reputable company with lower costs.


First of all, these oils are sourced from their indigenous locations. EG uses suppliers from all over the world and the oils are extracted from the countries they were grown in. They claim that there are no pesticides, synthetic chemicals, and herbicides used during the growth stages and distillation process. Also, they source most of their products from organic growers.

After receiving the oils, they have third-party GC/MS testing done to make sure the oils are not adulterated with synthetics. This test separates the oil into individual components and shows the purity and composition potency of the major components.

Reports from this test are found on the product page of each oil. Their is no batch specific codes to match with the reports, but they do provide a report for the product, which is a random sample. From what I could find, there are no other tests listed that are done, but just the GC/MS testing.  Information is given about the plant each oil came from.


  • Through a nationwide poll, they have been voted #1 non-MLM essential oil company
  • They have a giving back program in which they give a percentage of all profits to various organizations, which include Teen Challenge and Youth With A Mission


  • Aroma Notes is Eden’s Garden’s reward program where you can earn 1 note for every dollar spent. Their are two levels, Lavender and Rose. 200 notes equals $5 off purchase price.
  • Shipping is free in the U.S., delivered in 3-8 business days. Of course, to get it faster it costs you. They off er a 30-day ‘no questions asked’ return policy. A full refund of the product will be issued if it has not been opened. A partial refund will be given for any damaged or partially used product. NO free return shipping is offered.
  • Eden’s Garden has a kids line of single oils and blends they refer to as ‘OK For Kids’. This is for kids age 2 and over. Also, they have expanded their brand to include ‘Body’ products. These include body soaps, body oils, deodorant, perfumes, and salt soaks.
  • EG offers various essential oil sets and even has a ‘Create Your Own’ set. Of course, like the others, they offer you all the aromatherapy accessories to go with your oils.

The price range for Eden’s Garden is similar to Plant Therapy. They both offer different bottle sizes of essential oils. So, if you use one oil more than another, you are able to get a bigger bottle. Eden’s Garden oils can be purchased on Amazon or directly from their website.

My Final Thoughts

All three of these companies have caught my eye, and in my opinion, the best essential oil brands. They all have reasonable prices and they all seem to be transparent as far as the quality of their oil and where their oils are from. Each one is their own brand and offer things special to that brand. All three offer essential oil information and people that can help you with any questions in regard to essential oils or anything else
that is of concern.

My first choice is PLANT THERAPY. I love the transparency of the company and how their oils are sourced. The testing they do to make sure of the quality is very important to me. Also, the fact that they have so
many aromatherapists working for them. They also have Robert Tisserand, the very well-known essential oil expert, signed on with them and does some of the testing himself.

The rewards program seems to be a little better with $5 for every 100 points instead of 200. Their are so many more things I like but, most of all, I like their prices. I feel I am getting good quality oil for a reasonable price. Check out everything about them HERE.

I hope this brought you some good information. I’d love to hear what you think, so please leave a comment or question below.

As always, thanks for reading!


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8 thoughts on “The Best Essential Oil Brands: My Personal Choice

  1. Thanks a lot for sharing this review. I was helping a work colleague to decide an ideal essential oil brand to stick to. We did indeed look at the brands mentioned in this article, but yet to make a choice.
    What are your thoughts on the ‘Young Living’ brand?

    1. Hi, Daniel!
      You have most likely decided on a brand of oil by now, but I will give you my thoughts on Young Living anyway. First of all, it is a multi level marketing(MLM) company. This means a consultant signs up people under them to sell the products, and they make a percentage of what those people sell. Who in turn sign up people under them and that first person makes money from all of them. Years ago it was called a Pyramid scheme. That is the first reason I do not like YL.

      Secondly, their products are expensive. You can find oils as good, if not better, from other reputable companies. Thirdly, they do not have a good standing with the Better Business Bureau. The BBB gives them no rating. I have read they used to have an A+ rating, but got it revoked. Over the past 3 years, there has been 90 complaints filed against them with the BBB. YL was also involved in a lawsuit, which they lost.

      Two things that are important to note is that YL does not use third party lab testing. They do testing in their own company and do not provide lab results. One of their oils was actually tested and was found not to be pure. You can read about it here from a former YL distributor. She includes lab results and other information to prove what she is saying.

      Needless to say, this was enough for me to stay away from Young Living. I love the smaller companies for reasons I mentioned in my post. I hope this will give you some insight on making a choice of what brand would be good for you.

  2. I tried aromatherapy in the past but I did not keep it up. Reading this makes me want to get back in to it again. Did make me feel better when I was using it. I shall have to start reading up more on it as I am not sure what is the best oils to get these days. Thanks.

    1. Adrian,
      Aromatherapy is such a great way to help you feel better, whether it be physically or mentally. We use it for so many things, from breathing problems to anxiety issues. Read my post here. That should help you find the best. Thanks for reading!!

    1. Catherine,
      Glad you liked the post. When we first started using oils, my husband made a storage box out of a dark shoe box and he put dividers in it. I keep some in there with the lid on. I ended up getting a black essential oil case for more of them and keep it closed. I keep the ones I use the most in the regular case by the diffuser. The box I keep on a dark pantry shelf. It is best to keep them in a dark place, away from light. They last longer. There are many kinds of storage cases for oils. It depends on your preference.
      The one I got is not available anymore but this one is by the same company. I hope this helped.


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