Reference Guide To Essential Oils: A Book Review For You

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When we started our journey with essential oils, we didn’t know much about them.  We researched on the internet to learn more, and then decided we should have a reference guide to essential oils on hand for quick reference.  We decided to purchase  Integrated Guide To Essential Oils & Aromatherapy by Bill Fifield.  Here is my review on this great reference guide.

Overview Of The Book

essential oils reference book
The first thing to note about Integrated Guide To Essential Oils & Aromatherapy is the forward by French Dr. Daniel Pénoël.  Dr. Pénoël is a medical doctor in France who has been using essential oils in his practice since 1977.  He “is one of the foremost authorities in the world on essential oils” quoted from the book.  In his forward, Dr. Pénoël talks about his desire for people to learn of an alternative medicine that is not so invasive and harsh on the body.

A Brief Overview

Chapter One: The very first chapter begins asking the question “what are essential oils?”.   The author proceeds to answer that question defining essential oils and then gives 3 things that they can do:

“1. They bring vitality.  They bring life into your body.  Unlike synthetic molecules that can only block certain body functions or kill microbes, essential oils actually vitalize and restore health.
2. They lower body toxicity.  They have an extremely important and safe cleansing function that respects the beneficial flora ecosystem of the body.
3.  They allow for a free flow of energy throughout the body.”

This chapter gives 9 reasons why using high quality essential oils are far better than using synthetic drugs and over-the-counter products.

picture egyptian mummyChapter Two:  This chapter gives a brief history of essential oils starting with early Egypt to the modern day.  The classification of oils is also talked about in this chapter, with biographies of several Doctors practicing with essential oils and some Aromatherapists.

Chapter Three:  Chapter three focuses on the quality of essential oils and what to look for.  There are sections about Oversight, Development and using essential oils as medicines.

Chapter Four:  How to use essential oils, something every beginner wants to know.  Uses from topical, to inhalation, to ingestion.  It ends up talking about essential oils and a healthy lifestyle.

Chapter Five:  This chapter is where you get into the oils.  It has 98 pages that talk about single oils.  It gives information about each oil with blending suggestions.  What is really a big help is the use and health benefits that are listed for each oil.  It lists health issues and explains how to use the oil for each issue.bottle with flower

Chapter Six:  It’s all about blending, the why’s and how’s of it.  It gives information about the ‘Note’ category and then gives a chart with the aroma category.  Blending examples are given in depth to help understand how it’s done.  What I really like is the suggested recipes it gives for different health issues such as inflammation and digestion.

Chapter Seven:  Index of Essential Oil Uses is a chapter that gives specific health conditions and recommends the oils and blends that can be used for them.  There are instructions on what to do with the oils. For some of the health conditions, the index includes a Clinical Support section that offers information on different studies and clinical trials that have been done for that particular health condition using essential oils.

Chapter Eight:  This chapter is a Bibliography and Index.  In the index, you will find both health conditions such as ankle, bad breath, etc. and specific oils that can be used for them.

Is This Book For You?

That’s a good question.  I chose this book because of all the detail it has in it.  It is just so full of great information and so useful to me.  I’ve used it to find out what oils would be good to help with insect bites and how to make insect repellent and various things like that.

If you are really interested in learning about oils and are getting more serious about using them, then I would recommend this book.  It is also good for those who have been using oils for awhile.  With all the details this book has, it would help anyone on their journey with essential oils.

Where To Buy

By now you’re probably wondering where you can buy this awesome book. I’ve found that Amazon is a great place to buy it. Plus you get free shipping.  That’s a big plus.

It will come right to your home.  No running around to see if you can find it.  That’s where I got mine.  You could buy it elsewhere, but you may end up paying more for it.  Now if you find this book just isn’t what you need or you want something a little different you might want to look at some alternatives.

Alternative Books

Here are some alternative books just in case you’re not quite sure if the Integrated Guide To Essential Oils & Aromatherapy is right for you. A couple other choices would be The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Essential Oils and this book:
complete book of essential oils aromatherapyThe Illustrated Encyclopedia is similar to the Integrated Guide in that it gives a brief history of oils, classification of oils, how they work, and therapeutic guidelines. The Complete Book provides a lot more recipes plus other similar topics as the Integrated Guide.  Both of these can also be found on Amazon.

My Final Words

Honestly, I’ve gained a lot of understanding about essential oils from this book.  It’s my favorite reference guide to essential oils.  It’s well worth the money spent.  What really impressed me is that it is based on Dr. Pénoël’s over 40 years of experience with essential oils, and whom I mentioned in my article, An Essential Oil History – The Journey Begins.  If this book sounds like it’s something you could use in your own journey, buy  Integrated Guide to Essential Oils & Aromatherapy for yourself.  If you enjoyed this review and have any questions about this book, just leave me a comment and I’ll get back to you. If you buy this book or already have it, I’d be interested to know how you like it.

As always, thanks for reading!



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8 thoughts on “Reference Guide To Essential Oils: A Book Review For You

  1. This looks like a great reference book. I like that you stress that the natural essences are the best. In fact I can’t use anything else as the smell of them really irritates me.

    When I lived in an active mosquito area I use to steam citronella oil and that really kept those pesky little insects away. Fortunately where I live now, there is a dam beside the house with thousands of tadpoles in it. The tadpole and mosquito larva season coincides. So we have really well fed frogs and very few mosquitoes!

    Lavender oil is another very useful essential oil too. And I might add that clove oil, a few drops in water, is a very good mould remover.

    So essential oils are useful for many things, not just wonderful aromas.

    An interesting read and I found it very informative.


    1. Helen,
      Yes, the book is a great reference book with a lot of great information. I have never used the oils for the aroma, that’s just an added benefit. We use them for health issues and some for personal care. Lavender is one we use a lot. That’s interesting about the clove oil. When you put the clove in the water for mold remover, what do you do with the mix? We are looking for a good mold remover.
      So glad you liked the review.

  2. Hi Lynn. Your review is very easy to follow and understand. Loved the choices of images. They enhanced your words. You gave the reader alternative reading books, which I liked the extra choices. You recommended it yourself, since you have the book too.
    Everything explained very well.
    A very informative and enjoyable review. Thank you 🙂

    Di 🙂

    1. Thanks, Di…
      This is just such a great reference book and anybody who’s into essential oils could use it. I appreciate your kind words and so glad you enjoyed the review.


  3. I have been seeing more things lately on essential oils. This book looks like a good place to start and learn more about the basics.

    1. Hey, Jim.
      Over the past few years essential oils have become a lot more popular. Maybe that means more and more people are looking for more natural things to improve their health. I hope that’s the case. And this book does offer a lot of information to help people learn more about them and how to use them.
      Thank you for reading! Come back again!


  4. I heard about essential oils and wasn’t sure where to start, then I found your site. The way you broke down the chapters was a big help. I did not know there was so much to learn and I may get the book so I can learn more.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Jim!  I’m glad you were enlightened by the book review.  It really is an interesting book and has  so much to offer.  You should really enjoy it if you buy it.  Example:  If you get a mosquito bite you can look in the index for insect bites and it will all the pages that talk about insect bites and essential oil. 
      Thanks for reading and come back soon to read more about oils.


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