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Last Minute Essential Oil Gift Ideas For Mom

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Last Updated on November 28, 2020 by Lynn

It’s but a few days until Mother’s Day and you don’t have that gift for Mom yet.  What are you going to do? You haven’t had time to make her anything from my homemade list, so I’ve come up with some great essential oil gift ideas that, if you order within a few days, you’ll have that gift you need. In most cases, you can order expedited shipping to make sure the gift is here on time.  Let’s take a look at what I found.

Essential Oil Gift Idea 1 – Diffuser

One thing that every mother can use is an essential oil diffuser. Not only will it keep her house smelling nice, but she’ll receive great health benefits besides. I came across some that I thought would be really great and that I, myself, would love to receive as my Mother’s Day essential oil gift.  I personally use the first one and I love it!

This first one is from Plant Therapy, called the AromaFuse.  What I like about this is that it has 5 timer settings.



I found this next one on Oillife. It’s a multi-function ultrasonic diffuser with a 1-year warranty and a 6-month money back guarantee. What makes this one special is that it also functions as a humidifier. There is up to 1000 foot coverage and 3 levels of mist function. There are 3 timer settings plus it can run continuously or up to 34 hours alternating and also, has a light function with colors rotating.  What do you think?  Read about it Here.

black metal oil diffuser

Essential Oil Gift Idea 2 – Jewelry

Moving on to my next gift idea….. What mother doesn’t like jewelry of one form or another. My favorite kind of jewelry is earrings. There are so many different kinds.  What’s your mother’s favorite?

Believe it or not, jewelry can be used as a diffuser. I was amazed that there is such a variety of diffuser jewelry. Any of these would be a fantastic gift for mom. Let’s take a look.

A great place to shop for jewelry is Drops Of Joy Jewelry.  They have quite a variety that would make great gifts.  Here’s a diffuser necklace mom is sure to love. Not only is it very attractive, but it provides great health benefits. This necklace shows the bond between mother and child. The locket is 30 mm and you can choose your choice of chain length. It also comes with 3 organic cotton inserts that go in the locket once the essential oil has been put on them.  See how awesome it is.
Click on the picture to read more about it.
Here is an essential oil bracelet just for mom. This would be an awesome gift with the genuine leather strap and Flowering Tree Of Life pendent.  She can put her favorite essential oils on the pad and put the pad in the locket. The aroma and benefits go with you anywhere. This bracelet also includes 3pcs of medium size cotton inserts.  Also, included with this bracelet two lava stone bracelets that are also diffusers when you put oils on the lava stones. The lava stone bracelet also has 5 semi-precious stones that symbolize balance, grounding, and discernment.  This is a great deal because you get three bracelets for the price of one. This is one of my favorites. You can get this at DropsOfJoy, also.

Essential Oil Gift Idea 3 – Plant Therapy Oil Gift Sets

Now let’s take a look at what Plant Therapy has to offer for Mother’s Day. They have several essential oil sets: ‘Celebrate ’, ‘Thrive’, ‘Girl, Just Relax’, and ‘Infused’ Some of them will help her to relax and to help her be grounded.  Others will help give her energy.
Introducing Plant Therapy's Evoke: The Emotion of Fragrance! Brand New Products Available NOW!
The Sleep Tight set includes a blend of oils, body cream, bubble bath, eye mask ear plugs, and sleep tip cards all kept in a very nice zippered bag;  everything mom will need for a calm and restless sleep. Wouldn’t this be a great gift for mom? Look at the gift guide above.

Essential Oil Gift Idea 4 – Special Other Things

Plant Therapy diffuser

there is their great USB essential oil diffuser called the NovaFuse. It uses ultrasonic technology with built-in 5-color LED lights. This USB diffuser can be connected to any USB port. It also has an intermittent timer setting with a 5 hour continuous run time. This is a smaller diffuser with a 70 ml water container. A USB adapter is included.  This is ideal for a smaller room and mom would love it!

If your just not sure which one of these gifts from Plant Therapy your mom would like, they always have a gift card that she could use for anything she wanted.  Gift cards are always nice option.

My Final Thoughts

I know it’s last minute, but as I mentioned, these companies offer expedited shipping so you can receive it by Mother’s Day and your mom can receive the best gift ever. All of these essential oil gift ideas I presented to you are things I would not hesitate to give my mother, grandmother, aunt or sister. They make perfect Mother’s Day gifts. Which one of these awesome gifts would your mother like? Or your Aunt? Or your Grandmother? Or any woman who is special to you? I would love to know if you chose one of these to give your mother on Mother’s Day. Please leave me a comment below and let me know how she liked it.

As always, Thanks for reading!




10 thoughts on “Last Minute Essential Oil Gift Ideas For Mom

    1. Hi Sharriv!
      Thanks! These gifts are not your run-of-the-mill gifts. They are personal and unique. The diffusers are awesome! If you need help deciding on a diffuser, you can read my post on the different kinds HERE. It might help you decide what you would like. Also, check out my reviews on diffusers. Thanks for reading!

  1. Hi Lynn,

    You have given me some great ideas for gifts. I remember around a year back i had gifted my sister Essential Oil Key Chain With 8 5/8 Dram (2 ml) Vials. For my Mom i will definitely choose the diffuser necklace as it is attractive and as you rightly said it has health benefits.

    What is really cool about the necklace it not just looks pretty but it also comes with 8 washable pads that go in the locket once the essential oil has been put on them. This feature seals the deal for me, i have made up my mind on this necklace. Thanks for this post, keep sharing such great ideas.

    1. Hello Satish,
      I’m glad you like these gift ideas. I thought they were all so awesome I just had to share them. The necklace will make a great gift for your mom. I’m sure she’ll love it. Check out my post about other essential oil jewelry. You’ll find some other great items you can give as gifts. Let me know what you think.

  2. Hi Perrie and Lynn, Wow! What fantastic gift ideas. As a passionate lover of essential oils, they all appealed to me. Love the diffuser especially. Have just been to a friend who is an organic farmer of essential oils and came home with some. Aren’t I lucky? Will definitely give these some thought, also drop some hints to my children.

    1. Jill,
      Wow!! You are fortunate that you know someone who farms for essential oils. I am so jealous! What kind of oils did you bring home? Do they have their own brand of oils? I appreciate you reading and glad you liked the gift ideas.

  3. What a wonderful idea to give the gift of scent! This is not your every-day gift and I’m sure many mothers would enjoy such a thoughtful gift. I’m also glad to see the fusion between aromatherapy and technology to create such pleasing items for our senses and our homes.

    1. Dawn,
      These are very unique gifts and most of them would be great for anybody, not just moms. Essential oils give us great benefits for ourselves and our homes.

  4. Thanks for sharing these great gift ideas, Lynn. I’ve been on the look out for some mother’s day gift ideas for my aunts and you’ve definitely made my search very easy. I am looking at getting the NovaFuse and some plant therapy oil gift set.
    Once again, thank you!!

    1. Daniel,
      I’m glad you liked the ideas. I think those would be good gifts for your aunts. Let me know if you get them. Plant Therapy has awesome oils and accessories. Thanks for reading!

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