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Aphrodisiac Essential Oils And Romance: Wake Up Your Senses

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Here we are at another holiday. It seems we just got through with Christmas and New Year’s. Well, this one is the most romantic one of the year. It is said, 62% of people in the United States alone will be celebrating Valentine’s day. Did you know there are actually aphrodisiac essential oils? These are wonderful to use on Valentine’s Day or any day for that matter.

How can essential oils and romance awaken your senses? I’ll get to that. First, though, I want to tell you a few things about Valentine’s Day that you might not know. Where did this day originate? What’s its history? Who’s it named after. It’s like it has always existed, but it did have a beginning. Let’s take a look.

Brief History Of Valentine’s Day

First off, how did it get named St. Valentine’s Day? There are many legends of St. Valentine.

One, he was a priest in the 3rd century in Rome who was sentenced to death. Roman Emporer Claudius II had banned marriage for young Roman men, as he believed single men made better soldiers. Valentine realized how unfair that was and performed marriage ceremonies in secret for young lovers and received a death sentence for it.

Another was a Bishop, St. Valentine of Terni, who some believe was the true namesake and was, also, beheaded by Claudius II.

An interesting legend claims that Valentine sent the first “valentine” to a young woman he was in love with, who had visited him while he was imprisoned. Supposedly, she was the jailer’s daughter. He wrote this shortly before his death and signed it “From Your Valentine”. This expression is still used today when people sign their cards.

Nobody knows which story is true, but one thing is for sure, they all emphasized that he was a romantic figure.

Roots Of Valentine’s Day

The roots of Valentine’s Day go back to an ancient Roman fertility festival that was held in the middle of February, on the 15th, called Lupercalia. It was dedicated to the Roman god, Faunus and, also, Romulus and Remus, the Roman founders. After the rise of Christianity, it was outlawed by Pope Galesius at the end of the 5th century. The celebration was changed to the 14th of February and became St. Valentines Day. Well after that, during the Middle Ages, the day became associated with love and became a day of romance.

The oldest Valentine’s greeting was a poem by Charles, Duke of Orleans, written in 1415. It was given to his wife after he was captured and then imprisoned during a BATTLE BETWEEN ENGLAND AND FRANCE during the Hundred Years’ War.

From that first poem, the giving of Valentine’s Day cards became very popular and it is estimated that today, 145 million Valentine’s Day cards are sent each year, with women purchasing 85% of them.

But cards aren’t the only thing given on Valentine’s Day. It has expanded to the giving of flowers, candy, and other gifts. Anything that is romantic makes a great gift. But how else can you have a special romantic evening with the one you love? Did you know that essential oils can be romantic?

Yes, that’s right. There are certain essential oils that can be added to that special Valentine’s evening to make it more romantic. One might consider them seductive oils. Really? you might ask. How can that be? Do you remember Cleopatra and Mark Anthony from ancient Rome?

CLEOPATRA loved to use fragrant oils like rose, frankincense, and myrrh to seduce Mark Anthony by massaging her body with a mixture of them. She discovered that using these oils would increase the passion he had for her. Smart woman!

It seems that some oils can change the chemistry of the brain to stimulate our feel good hormones. This can arouse a higher level of sensuality, passion, and love. Modern day science has proven this to be true. READ ABOUT IT HERE.

Essential Oils and Romance

Scents can be so subtle that just with the faintest of scent and without even knowing, you can have a higher sense of passion and desire. They can help wake up your senses and get your libido going. I bet you’re wondering which essential oils make great aphrodisiacs. Here are five of the most popular and common aphrodisiac essential oils and one not so common –


Rose is considered to be the most romantic flower for Valentine’s day. There are over 250 million roses produced just for that day, with 75% of them purchased by men. That’s a lot of roses. The rose is the most popular symbol for love and that’s why it’s at the top of my list. It takes at least two thousand rose petals to get an ounce of rose oil.
True rose oil is on the expensive side, so make sure you’re buying from a reputable company with quality oil and that you’re not getting an adulterated oil. Rose oil has a calming and comforting effect. It has a sweet, floral scent that is soothing and relaxing and will add to your romantic evening.


Jasmine oil has a strong, sweet floral scent that is known to be a great aphrodisiac. It’s considered to be a very seductive oil. It is known to instill confidence and to ease stress and anxiety and that it helps with impotence and frigidity. This can make for a fantastic night with the one you love.


This oil has a sensual, woodsy, somewhat exotic scent that helps relax the mind, and body. It helps you let go of negative emotions, worries, and stress. After letting go, the passions within you can come out and allow for an intimate evening of romance.


When you’re getting ready to set the mood for your valentine’s evening, patchouli can help. It is a very relaxing, grounding and soothing oil, bringing calmness and balance. Patchouli can help bring partners together on a more heightened level, to open minds and hearts.

This oil has a rich, earthy and herbaceous aroma. Also, you might discover a scent of “wine”. Physically speaking, Patchouli has the ability to help with those blemishes and wrinkles that you try to hide. It’s not only an aphrodisiac, but it helps the body. It’s a win-win with patchouli essential oil!


Now here’s an oil that I really love. And speaking of love, ylang ylang has a property in it that can affect our sex drive hormones. It is a powerful relaxant that can help arouse the sensual side of you. The anxiety issues and nervousness will be lifted away as the sensual side of you awakens and you may feel very blissful. Ylang ylang has a warm, sweet, rich floral scent. This oil is also great for the skin and hair.


Here is an oil that I just discovered that would be great to use for Valentines Day. The native people of Mexico used Damiana leaves to make tea that boosts their sexual energy. It increases the oxygen flow to the genital areas as a natural stimulation for male and female. This natural aphrodisiac can help assist with frigidity and impotence.

Damiana may raise testosterone levels and also may increase sexual drive and passion. It has a fruity, soft and bright aroma similar to chamomile. This oil is used, also, for digestion and constipation and can help reduce cramping by relaxing the stomach and intestinal tract nerves. This may be the most expensive of all these oils.

Aphrodisiac Recipes

Talk about romantic! Make the night really intimate by giving each other a romantic massage. For each recipe, mix the oils together in a glass jar and massage the oil all over the body.

  1. 6 drops rose otto essential oil
    4 drops damiana essential oil
    4 oz. argan oil
  2. 2 drops sandalwood
    5 drops ylang ylang
    5 drops vanilla
    1 drop CINNAMON LEAF
    1 drop jasmine
    1 1/2 oz carrier oil
  3. 7 drops bergamot
    5 drops geranium
    5 drops patchouli
    3 drops sandalwood
    3 drops neroli
    2 drops ylang ylang
    2 oz. CARRIER OIL


Pick any one of the following blends and use in your diffuser and set the stage for passion and romance.

  1. 3 drops Orange
    2 drops SANDALWOOD
    1 drop Cinnamon Bark
    1 drop Jasmine
  2. 3 drops Lime
    3 drops Patchouli
    2 drops Ylang Ylang
  3. 3 drops Bergamot
    3 drops Patchouli
    3 drops Ylang Ylang
  4. 5 drops PATCHOULI
    4 drops Rose
    4 drops Sandalwood
    2 drops Ylang Ylang


If you want to bring on that sexual attraction, try using one of these perfumes to get his libido going.


For each of these recipes, add essential oils to a 10 ML. ROLLER BALL BOTTLE, then fill with a carrier oil. Shake it well and roll some on those special points on your body.

    1. 3 drops LAVENDER OIL
      3 drops sweet orange oil
      2 drops jasmine
      2 drops ylang ylang
      10 ml carrier oil
    2. 4 drops jasmine oil
      3 drops frankincense oil
      3 drops sweet orange oil
      10 ml carrier oil 
    3. 3 drops rose oil
      7 drops sweet orange oil
      5 drops lavender
      10 ml. carrier oil


For each of these recipes add essential oils in a spray bottle and fill with vodka. Shake well and spray where you normally would put cologne.

  1. 3 Drops Patchouli
    2 Drops Cinnamon
    2 Drops Sandalwood
    1 Drop Lime
    2 1/2 oz. SPRAY BOTTLE
  2. 5 Drops Sandalwood
    4 Drops Vetiver
    2 Drop Orange
    2 1/2 oz. spray bottle

My Final Words

Why not make this Valentines Day one to remember by using these awesome aphrodisiac essential oils to bring romance and sensuality to your evening. It doesn’t have to be just for Valentines Day. You can use these sensual oils to enhance any romantic experience at anytime. These oils have alluring, exotic, and delicate scents that promote relaxation, confidence, passion, and stimulation. What a combination! Essential oils and romance! They just go together!

Sometimes oils can cause allergic reactions so pay attention to how your body responds to them. All these blends can be adjusted, so you can experiment and find that perfect scent for you; that sent that blends well with your body. If you enjoyed this post, please feel free to leave me a comment or ask questions. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

As Always, thanks for reading!


9 thoughts on “Aphrodisiac Essential Oils And Romance: Wake Up Your Senses

  1. I have just started experimenting with essential oils and have to say I really like using them.  I use peppermint quite a bit, for headaches.  I like lemon to help wake me up in the morning.  I do love my coffee too!

    I have heard of the Ylang Ylang Oil and I am considering it for my next purchase.  I did look into Rose oil, but yes you are so right, it is very expensive.

    Do you use a diffuser at all?  I don’t presently but I am thinking about it.   Would be interested in your opinion of it.  

    Enjoyed your history on St. Valentine’s Day.

    1. Hi, Wanda!

      Smart move using peppermint for your headaches! 
      Lavender is also good for headaches.  I very seldom get headaches, but
      when I do,  I put peppermint and/or lavender on my temples and the back
      of my neck.  And ylang ylang!  I love it!  I use it in an anxiety
      inhaler with bergamot and patchouli and maybe some sweet orange.

      sure I use a diffuser.  Especially this time of year for immunity and
      germs.  Other times I’ll use calming or uplifting oils, depending on my
      mood.  I would recommend getting one.  It helps purify the air and
      refreshes the house.  First of all, you would get one based on the room
      size.  And I would recommend getting one with an intermittent mist
      option that would be 15 or 30 seconds on, 15 or 30 seconds off.

      Here is a post  on my website comparing 2 diffusers.  In this post I talk about the 4 Essential Oil Diffuser Types: Which One Do You Like? of diffusers.  And here is a post review about Is The SpaRoom AromaMist The Best Ultrasonic Diffuser For You?.  Check these out and let me know what you think.

      Thanks for reading!

  2. This is a beautiful post about different scents and essential oils: I love the scents of jasmine and sandalwood, and when I want my house to smell fresh, I use citrus and pine. I have to admit; this post made me very interested in Ylang Ylang oil. I would love to try and see how it affects my sex drive hormones.

    1. Thanks for reading!  I love all those scents, too. But I really do like ylang ylang because it has a very calming and relaxing fragrance, which is good if you deal with anxiety issues.  It’s great to use in an inhaler for those times when you just need to calm down.  Because it helps you relax and helps balance emotions, it allows you to be more open with your feelings.  I would suggest using one of the diffuser blends from my post that has ylang ylang and see what you think and how you feel.  I would love it if you responded back to me when you do and let me know your reaction.

    2. Thanks for reading!  I love all those scents, too. But I really do like ylang ylang because it has a very calming and relaxing fragrance, which is good if you deal with anxiety issues.  It’s great to use in an inhaler for those times when you just need to calm down.  Because it helps you relax and helps balance emotions, it allows you to be more open with your feelings.  I would suggest using one of the diffuser blends from Aphrodisiac Essential Oils And Romance: Wake Up Your Senses that has ylang ylang and see what you think and how you feel.  I would love it if you responded back to me when you do and let me know your reaction.

  3. An interesting post and I’m glad I came across it. Unfortunately I’m a little late for Valentines Day but the good thing is I can still use this for any occasion or even on a Friday night! 

    My wife has a diffuser in every room of the house and the best thing is I know where the oils are! So I’ll be implementing this as a surprise for her and hopefully that’ll rekindle the spark. I understand that the oils used are usually from a woman’s perspective however if you like I’ll use them on myself and report back to see if there really was an increase in libido, which would really help after a long day at work. 

    Is there a recipe for me (as a male) to put together to get my wife’s libido going in the same way? 

    I’m definitely starting to see the benefits that essential oils provide in every day life.

    1. Hello, Nick!

      It sounds like your household is very familiar with essential oils.  Actually, the recipe’s in my post could be used for either of you.  The massage oils would be good to try.  Oils that would work more for the man would be Sandalwood, Vetiver, Patchouli, Vanilla, Neroli and Ginger.  Look at the ones that have some of those in them and they should help both of you. Perhaps the second or third recipe under the massage section. Under the diffuser section look at the fourth recipe.

      Now here’s one that you might try: 

      Massage:  Add 15 drops Cinnamon, 5 drops Ginger, 5 drops Bergamot into a rollerball and fill the remainder with fractionated (liquid) coconut oil. Put the lid on and shake it up.  Using the rollerball is less messy when putting oil on your body.  Cinnamon and Ginger are warm oils and it provides that warming sensation to stir up the libido.

      For a diffuser:  Put 5 drops cinnamon, 3 drops Ginger, and 3 drops Bergamot in diffuser and let the aroma fill the air and warm your senses.

      I would love it if you try some of these and let me know what you think.  Remember, you can adjust the oil to what’s best for you.  If some are too strong, then put less in.

      Thank you so much for reading and for your comment.

  4. I got married a while back. When I return home after a long day of work, I am not in the mood for romance, so after reading your article, I got a lot of enthusiasm.  My confidence has increased knowing that essential oils can be Aphrodisiacs. I am thinking of using rose oil because I want to bring romance into my marriage. I want to buy rose oil because it is cool and comfortable and has a sweet, floral aroma that is admirable and cozy.  It will add to my romantic evening. I like it very much. I will share your article with my friends so that they can benefit from reading it and I will share your website on my social media.

    1. Md,

      First off, Congratulations on your marriage!  Yes, Rose oil is an awesome oil.  HERE is a great brand.  I would suggest you purchase a diffuser so your wife can start it before you get home.  You can purchase some great diffuser HERE.  That way, when you walk in the door, you can smell the aroma and start relaxing and your senses will heighten and get you in the mood.  (If your wife starts the diffuser before you get home,  she should already be in the mood.)

      Try using diffuser recipe #4 from my post. This should help you and your wife get into that romantic mood.  (As a matter of fact, if she has it going before you get home, she may already be there!)  Then you can have a great dinner and after dinner try one of the romantic massages!

      Please let me know when you have tried the Rose oil.  I’d love to know what you think.  Thank you so much for reading my post.

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