About Us

Hey, All!

We’re Jay and Lynn, a couple that are learning through our own experiences how to be healthier so we can have a better quality of life and enjoy our golden years.

Jay has been suffering all his life with environmental allergies.  You name it, he’s allergic to it.  He tried allergy shots and over the counter medication, to help alleviate the symptoms. In 2014, he became aware of the use of essential oils to help with allergies.  Since his discovery, he is no longer taking OTC medication and the coughing and sneezing he had with allergies is almost non-existent.

As for me, Lynn, I also suffer from environmental allergies, but not to the extreme as Jay.  Essential Oils have helped me breathe easier, also.  I use them to help the circulation in my legs.  I also suffer from anxiety and stress and have found that essential oils keep me more calm and focused. We also use oils to help with our sleep.

We have discovered there are so many uses for essential oils and we’re discovering more all the time.  This site will be an ongoing view into our walk and use of essential oils to improve our health and hopefully give other people a natural alternative to improving their health, also.

Thanks for checking out our website and come on back to see what interesting tidbits we have to share with you..  See you back real soon!!