A Review On The Best Glass Spray Bottles For Essential Oils

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I really like making my own products now that I know what essential oils can do.  I found some glass spray bottles for essential oils by Youngever. It is their 7 Pack Amber Glass Spray Bottles (When I purchased it, there were only 6 bottles). Now, I should tell you that I actually started by re-using clear plastic spray bottles from previous cleaning products. Of course, I thoroughly cleaned those bottles before using the oils in them.

After more research, I discovered that plastic wasn’t the best to use, as oils need to be protected from light and the oils may cause the plastic to break down over time. To be on the safe side, I decided to use amber glass spray bottles.  The dark color of the bottles help to protect the oils from damaging UV light and, thus, they have a longer shelf life.

Benefits And Uses Of Youngever Amber Bottles

These bottles provide a couple of great benefits. As mentioned above, they are amber glass. Glass doesn’t absorb the oils, nor do the oils cause it to break down, so there are no “added ingredients” to your mixture. The amber color blocks out sunlight, specifically, UV rays, that cause the oils to breakdown.

The Youngever bottles are perfect for making and storing your essential oil mixes, so you don’t have to use store bought cleaners with all the harmful toxic chemicals in them. You can feel healthier and be healthier. Do you use bug repellent often? The Youngever bottles are great for making your own non-toxic bug repellents with essential oils.

Other DIY possibilities include: natural air freshener/deodorizer for your house, vegetable cleaners, window and floor cleaners, and beauty recipes.

Here’s just one of many cleaning spray recipes you can use in these bottles:essential oil cleaning spray recipe

Description and Features

This is a set of 7 amber glass spray bottles (Again, there were 6 bottles when I purchased it) that come in a well-made box. The bottles are all packaged well in bubble wrap. There are two 16 oz. bottles, four 2 oz. bottles, and now one 8 oz. bottle.  They come with black plastic fine mist sprayers. The bottles and sprayers are BPA and lead-free.

Included in the box is an extra 16 oz. plastic sprayer, an extra 4 oz. sprayer, 4 screw on caps for the 16 oz. bottles. The 16 oz sprayers are adjustable and can be a fine mist or jet stream.  Also, in the box, are, what they call, chalk adhesive labels to label the bottles. There will be either 4 black or 8 white labels.

Is This Something You Could Use?

These bottles are for someone who loves to blend their own essential oil products. indoor plants by windowFor the person who likes to make their own cleaning products with oils, these are great. If you’re trying to live a healthier life and want to get rid of all the cleaning products containing toxic chemicals, these bottles would be perfect for your own DIY products. If you need a bottle to water your plants, these are the ones to get. In the kitchen, add your natural vegetable cleaner to wash your fruits and vegetables. Whatever you need a spray bottle for, these are the ones you can use.

Where To Buy

You can find these bottles at a reasonable price on One advantage to buying at Amazon is that you can get free shipping. On this product there is a 100% satisfaction guarantee by the company. They also say that if there is anything missing from the box, they will take care of it and also send a bonus. It sounds like a really good company.

What I like About The Youngever Amber Bottles

I chose these bottles because I like that there are two sizes(now there are 3) bottle. I received a bundle package for a very decent price. The larger bottles can be used for cleaning products and bug repellent. The smaller ones can be used for misting around the house and for personal use on hair and face. And the fact that the company included extra sprayers was a big plus. These amber bottles are very good quality and are sturdy. They work great with my essential oils.

What I Don’t Like About The Youngever Amber Bottles

As much as I like these, there are a couple things that I have a problem with. It came with 6 bottles, but there were only four labels. They call the labels chalk labels. Apparently you’re suppose to use chalk to write on them. That’s all fine and good if you have chalk in the house, which I don’t! The only thing I had that would work on them was silver markers. So I think they need to change their labels. There were no labels for the small bottles.  (Now, you may or may not get white labels, which they randomly put in the box!

I don’t like the handle design of the 8 oz. plastic sprayers.   When squeezing the trigger handle it feels somewhat cheap and flimsy. It’s also a smaller handle than other sprayers. I haven’t used the 16 oz. sprayers, since they weren’t included at the time of my purchase.  The handles are one of the complaints I found on Amazon. The sprayers seem cheaply made. Another complaint I found on, which I have not had a problem with, is that the nozzles on some of the sprayers leak when using them. This are rated 3.5/5 on Amazon, mostly because the nozzles leaked for a lot of people.

Alternate Choices

If the Youngever Amber Glass Spray Bottles don’t have quite what you need, here is an alternative which includes 6 roller bottles and several little extras to help fill the bottles. It’s the 12-Pack Amber Glass Essential Oil Bottle Kit by Mavoget on Amazon. You get 2 – 16 oz. bottles, 4-2 oz spray bottles, and 6-10 ml. roller bottles. Plus you get droppers, funnels, light-colored labels, and lids. Customers give it 4 out of 5 stars.

There’s also a set by Esarora, Amber Glass Spray Bottle Set which offers 2-16 oz bottles, 2-8 oz. bottles, 2-4 oz. bottles, 2-2 oz bottles with 2 extra sprayer, labels, and 6 lids.  It also comes with 10 black chalk labels.  Customers give this bottle set a 4.5 out of 5.

Final Thoughts

Overall I would give the Youngever 7-Pack Amber Glass Spray Bottles a rating of 4/5, which is higher than Amazon’s rating because they do work well for me. I have not had any problems with them, other than I just didn’t like the labels. I have not had any problems with the nozzles leaking so that is why I rated them higher than the Amazon rating.

If you’re looking for some glass spray bottles for essential oils, these will work for you. You really can’t go wrong since there is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If this review was helpful to you, let me know, or if you have a question about the bottles or any other comment leave them for me below.

As always, thanks for reading!



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18 thoughts on “A Review On The Best Glass Spray Bottles For Essential Oils

  1. An excellent review with lots of interesting information. I had no idea that oils could be used to create your own air freshener, and that oil can cause the plastic to break down over time! Your review is well balanced and would definitely help me make a decision as to whether to purchase the glass spray bottles.

    1. Hey, Antonio!
      Thanks for reading. Yes, oils can be used for so, so many things. You just mix the oils with water and a little rubbing alcohol and just mist it around your rooms. It can deodorize garbage cans, clean windows and more. I appreciate you taking the time to read this and hope you come back to read more…..

  2. Thanks for the info. The bottles look very nice. The recipe you put in for a cleaning solution is what I use at home…even when hand washing dishes. It works very well.

    1. Tricia,
      Yes, the bottles, themselves, are pretty nice. They work well and so far I like them. I was glad to hear that you use the cleaning solution, but I guess I was surprised about using them for washing dishes. That is a very interesting idea. I will have to try that. If I like it as well as you do I will probably stop buying my regular dish soap. I appreciate your comment and sharing. Thanks for reading. Come back again. I have a lot more to bring.

  3. I love that I happened across this review, because I purchased these about five months ago — and I love them! I didn’t know anything about them though, so reading this was the perfect reassurance. You seem incredibly knowledgeable and I’d love to revisit your site on occasion and see what you’ve got going on. I love essential oils and holistic approaches! Thanks so much for sharing this review!

    1. Hi, Courtney!
      How funny is that, that you bought these a few months ago. I’m so glad you love them. I haven’t had any problems with them so I think they are pretty great. I’m glad I helped you feel good about your purchase. Have you had any problems with them? Since you are happy with them, I guess you probably haven’t. I hope you do come back to see and read more. There is a subscribe button. Just hit that and leave your info and you’ll get notifications when I post more. Thank you so much for reading!!!

  4. Hi!
    You know funny enough I think I bought these exact same bottles except mine were blue. I agree about the sprayer feeling flimsy. Two of my sprayers broke really quickly on me. At first, I liked the chalk labels until I started using them with chalk markers and the chalk would immediately rub off. So I stopped using the labels they gave me and did the old fashioned masking tape and marker routine. The bottle themselves held up very well though. I still use them and I found better nozzles to go with them. If anything they should improve is the nozzles.

    What do you think of the Esarora spray bottles?

    Thanks for the review!

    1. Tina,
      Looks like we had the same idea. My sprayers seem to be ok right now, so that’s good. I’ll just have to be careful. As far as the labels go, I didn’t even pay attention to the name and didn’t realize you were suppose to use chalk on them. When I realized it, I thought “wouldn’t the chalk rub off”?, so you answered my question. I just used my silver marker, and it works. That’s the only color that would.
      To me, the Esarora bottles look like they may be better as far as the sprayers, but they have the same kind of labels. They do have a higher rating on Amazon, though. I like the fact that they have 3 sizes of bottles, instead of 2. That’s probably the biggest plus for me. I have not used them so I go by the ratings. And they are 4.5. There are not any complaints about the sprayers breaking. These may be a good choice, too.
      Glad you came by. I have more to come. Would like to see you back.

    1. Brenda,
      I’m always glad to hear from a fellow essential oil user. Can you share what you use them for? Well, I gave you some choices for when you need more. Glad you stopped by and read my review. Come back again soon. More will be coming..

    1. Pearl,
      Thanks! I try to bring as much information as I can. I guess you read the right post! Now you know where you can get your bottles when you’re ready to purchase. And 3 great choices! With the air freshener, you just mix the oils with water and mist around the room. I think anything you use around the house that has chemicals in, you can use essential oils for. Certain oils are better for certain things. It’s important to know what properties the oils have, that way you know how to use them.
      Thanks for reading and come back again!!

  5. This seems like a great idea for home made remedies! I am loving the topic of essential oils and really want to get some of my own to make my own cleaning products! Thanks for all the useful tips!

    1. Hey, Danielle!
      If you love home made remedies, you will love essential oils! Especially to make your own cleaners. There is so much more you can use them for. I’ll be sharing a lot more so come back soon! Thanks for reading!

  6. Hi Lynn,
    Thanks for this great article. I actually learned a couple of things from it. The inefficiency of using essential oil with plastic bottles, and the necessity to choose the right bottle color. I am a promoter of natural health products, and the DIY is definitely something I will try. I currently use baking soda mixed with vinegar for cleaning purposes.
    Great tips.

    1. Hello Thierry!
      I’m so glad I could bring you something you could use. I think you will be pleased if you start incorporating essential oils into the health products that you use. You could add some lemon essential oil to your cleaning mixture give it more cleaning power. It is anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and is also an anti-septic. You could also use Grapefruit essential oil as it has most of those too. Actually, there are many oils that you could use that have those properties. So it would be worth it to invest in some. Thank you so much for reading! I’ll be bringing more, so come back again soon.

    1. Hey, Rachel!
      I didn’t know much about them until we started using them a few years ago. The more I use them, the more I learn. Because they’re natural they’re so much better to use than other products. I hope you do give them a try. I don’t think you’ll be sorry. I already have a lot of information on my website. You can read more of my articles, and you’ll learn more. They really are great! Thanks for reading and I hope you do come back.


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